Automate your sales emails and focus on closing more deals.

Reminders, email tracking and mail-merge built into your inbox so that nothing gets lost and you always know what's next.

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Sales Lead Management

Watch leads manage themselves

Stop laboring over emails. Sellingly does all the work for you by tracking your leads and customers, and telling you when to reach out next.

Make sending sales emails fun again

Build trust with your clients and leads by sending personalized messages. Time-saving templates mean you can focus more time on writing warm, personal emails that will make you seem more human and less like a zombie sales rep.

Sales Emails
Sales Automation

Make that long to-do list go - Poof!

Track your successes, notice patterns, learn when to send the right email to the right people at the right time. Never send another typo or forget to ask an important question.

So easy it almost feels naughty

Work with your existing processes and systems to become more efficient and maximize the return on your time. Sellingly lets you perfect your pitch, and close more sales.

Sales Process

Double your sales in the next 2 weeks.

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